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For the Curious

Private Parties

Public Field Dinners

Every now and again, Field day does a pop up for our broader reaching community and you!

The location changes every time, but is always a unique space to explore and enjoy your meal at, while getting to know a new buddy or two. Our bus hosts rotating chefs as well, but all with the local produceof Sonoma county, inspired flavors & with a high level of execution.

You can find the up and coming dinners on our UPCOMING page. 


Private Field Dinners

Do you have a big backyard? Are you ready to have friends over, and enjoy a meal together without a pizza box on the front porch? 

If you are interested in having the bus cater a special occasion that may now be at your home, or a remote location, get in touch and we can create the right event in the safety of your own outside. 

Corporate Events

For theWinery 


Host at your winery 

perfect pairing. With an abundance of quality wineries in our area, few with a commercial kitchen or regular chef on site, Field Day is a great way to host clients, wine clubs or corp events at your winery with the execution of a full kitchen. 

We can create a perfectly paired meal to suit the structure and profiles from the ideal wines intended to pour for the day.  

Wine bucket.jpg

Take your Wine to the field

If perhaps you do not have a tasting room on a vineyard, or you just need to get off property for a new experience, come collaborate with a chef and one of our locations around Sonoma county.

For the Chef


Field Dinners 

Field Day would not work without the mighty talents of the chefs in this area. Each one with a unique set of skills, and menus to pull from. Get a chance to spend some time at the helm of the bus, utilizing its fridges, counters, sinks and assortment of tools, not to mention the mighty fire power of our smoker/grill, to feed and delight a group of customers and friends. 


Bus Rental

If you already have your venue and menu, and really just need to tools to execute out in the wild, the bus is available (with driver, operator) to help you create and serve your guests in an open air environment regardless of access to power or water. We got it!

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